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Ноябрь 1st, 2011

Автомобильный туризмRead it in Russian.
I sincerely believe that every thematic blog, even Caribbean sea resorts blog, has to have an off-topic to proof that it comes from a human, not from a robot ;)

Today we will start a sequence of posts about auto tourism in a region far away from Caribbean sea: How to have a nice 4200km road trip by TransCanadian Highway from Halifax NS to Niagara Falls ON and back. 

Day Zero: packing and preparation

Classics told us that for a good fishing you need only a fishing rod and a river. Likewise, in comfortable and safe Canada you need only a good safe car to have a trip along populated Transcanada Highway.

But some little things arenice to be mentioned:

1) GPS.

GPS навигаторIt is been a while since those times when we were riding a car with 110km/h speed watching the road with one eye and a map with another. Today a nice lady in a small GPS box will warn you to change the lane in heavy traffic, to leave a highway on appropriate exit or where to fins a gas station and a motel. GPS is not an extra, but a good (even vital) addition to your travel tools.

2) Emergency Kit.

In Russia any experienced driver has to be aware of everything that might (and will) happen on the road. All tools, welding device, solt, matches… Few things to mention…  LOL.

Here in Canada everything is easier, but some tools will be helpful.

I’m not a mechanic (though spent some time fixing my Russian “fancy” car “Zhiguli” a while ago) and won’t be able to fix my car today, so I took only:

  • small air pump to check/fix tire pressure;
  • boosting cable in case of battery troubles;
  • flash light in case it will be done after dark;
  • Road Assistance (I was using CAA before, but now it is including with my brand new Kia Forte 2010);
  • and of course Medical Aid kit.

Everything else is your choice up to your plans for entertainment, overnight places and food supplies.

Day Zero is over. To be continued…
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