Looking For a Caribbean Vacation In November…

Октябрь 25th, 2011

Поедем на Карибы в ноябреTranslating my recent post to English.

Brothers and sisters who is reading my Caribbean Sea Resorts blog. The Man proposes but Ktulhu disposes. My project “Let’s go to Caribbean in October” transformed into “Let’s move to Caribbean in November” under circumstances that are beyond my will.

November is also good. Pricing is still low (considering oncoming Xmas spike). Hurricane season is almost over. I will keep monitoring November offers for Caribbean vacations. Already see something delicious for Varadero and Punta Cana.

Cuban Resorts

4* курорт Сол Кайо Санта МарияRight in front of me we can see sweet 4* Sol Cayo Santa Maria. Affordable price, nice location, but we already visited this resort this year and want to try something else. By the way, report about this vacation is coming. I would evaluate it as 6 (from 1 to 10), nice place for a family, far away from noisy Varadero :)

Even nicer are Cienfuegos resorts on Cuba. Cheaper!!! But we already discussed those guys and found that 3-hours night bus ride from the airport can spoil a couple of days of vacation. I cannot sleep at the bus. If you can – good for you, you can ignore my warnings then.

Dominican Resorts

Too bad I missed GRAND PARADISE SAMANA in Dominican Republic – looks like a great resort, good price (not cheap but good discount) close the airport, according to my criteria, awesome lagoon for snorkelling – everything was great except dates available (end of October). I will monitor this resort for sure, a good one.

Mexican and Jamaican Resorts in November

Still expensive, since I’ve decided to go with a budget. Let’s see if a good discount pops up.

To be continued…

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