How Cuba Made Me Starting This Blog…

Октябрь 25th, 2011

Translating my blog to EnglishSince I’ve started to publish RSS feed of my Caribbean Sea Resorts blog on the Facebook, I see comments of my non-Russian speaking friends like “what are you writing about man”. Hence I will translate some of my posts into English to cheer my friends and explore (and conquer?) an English-speaking world.

April 2011. Fidel Castro stepped down passing all the power (and the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba position) to his brother Raul. This was the end of the significant era in the Caribbean region.
This event made me starting the blog which I dedicated to Caribbean sea resorts and I’m going to write down my impressions about visiting the Island of Freedom (as we call Cuba in Russian) and islands around, and write down my opinion and advice about these beautiful tropical countries.

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