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Май 15th, 2012

Dominican resort reviewHi everyone whoever likes Caribbean Sea Resorts and Dominican in particular. After we spent a week on the sunny island Hispaniola, in Dominican Republic, let’s cool down and  write a review about the resort we visited:  Grand Paradise Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata.

Even before we went there, me and my wife Oxana already reviewed this resort based on other people’s reviews and on my own experience visiting next-door resort Allegro Playa Dorada few years ago. So it is definitely time to compare our pre-expectations and post-impressions.

First, let’s mention positive points and say good words for resort’s management and personnel.

Good words about Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

It is close to the Puerto Plata international airport – 30 minutes by bus.  Check in was  fast and smooth, the hotel is  well-renovated: furniture, utilities, satellite TV, pool and areas around – all nice and clean.

Dominican Resort Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

Dominican Resort Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

Unlike other reviews, we didn’t have any issues with hot water, though the resort was fully filled with tourists. Possibly because of this full  packed  time there were no local Dominican tourists at the resort on weekends, as other visitors unhappily mentioned in their reviews.

This Caribbean resort is nicely located on the cape, so its beach is really long and takes both sides of the resort, giving us plenty of space  on the sun and behind the wind if necessary. Famous Dominican palms provide enough shade for people from North hiding from sun burns, so no needs  in umbrellas unlike Cuban resorts for instance.

snorkeling on Dominican

snorkeling on Dominican


Five minutes walk from the resort there is a big shopping center with a big selection of souvenirs and clothing which is definitely an asset.

And let’s mention that Dominican people are very nice and friendly, thumbs up!

Well, enough good, let’s mention bad things then.

Negative аbout Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

We have got problems by the moment we arrived to the room. Right in front of the room we had a n outdoor whirlpool  and its engine was located nearby. So everyday from 9am to 7pm we were under acoustic attack of this engine, comparable with airplane turbine idle sound you can hear at the airport, may be less loud, but still… We complained to the management, but nothing they could do, the whirlpool should be on during the day.

Caribbean resort in Dominican Republic

Caribbean resort in Dominican Republic

On the beach we have found another problem. The cape probably is being constantly demolished by waves  so the hotel is trying to save it with rocks covered with iron fence. So that iron fence is very unpleasant when you step on it.  See the picture below.

Iron fence in water on Playa Dorada

Iron fence in water on Playa Dorada

One more thing – not enough beach chairs during rush hour.

Drinks were not perfect, it seems like all resorts on Dominican have different supply factories and this one was not the best. Especially tequila, it had a weird taste. Red wine was also weird, but after few days they change it to sweet one like Sangria or something. It might be  up to my taste, but that week we finally focused on white wine only. Food also wasn’t best both selection and taste. and they need bigger buffet  restaurant for such a big resort – sometimes we could see a line people waiting next to the buffet.

And finally, stomach infection outbreak on the resort was the biggest problem and Canadian  tourists discussed it a lot.  People say that some top government officers were involved into investigation, not sure what was a root cause of that infection outbreak. It was especially not pleasant considering next-door Haiti cholera problem these days.

Total: Grand Paradise Playa Dorada

I wouldn’t recommend it. It is not 4*. Food, drinks, beach, sound of whirlpool – not 4* definitely. Keep looking for better resort.

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