5 Tips How To Choose The Best Caribbean Resort…

Июнь 2nd, 2012

помощь при выборе путевки pictureHi everyone who is interested in Caribbean Sea Resorts. When you are thinking to have your first Caribbean tour (and not only the 1st) “All inclusive“, you might think about the price at most. I’ll put 5 tips below that should be considered beside the price to pick the best Caribbeans resort.

How far the Caribbean resort from the airport.

You might spend hours in the bus, commuting to the resort from the airport. Same for excursions and tours if you will need to go back to the city for them. I’m trying to avoid resorts when it takes more than 1-1.5 hours  of bus ride from the city.

But if you want to stay positive: sometimes 2-3 hours of bus tour through new unknown country is awesome and spectacular. It might be an excursion itself. It is up to you.

How far is the hotel from the beach.

карибский пляж pictureAlways know how far is the hotel from the beach. Unclear “few minutes walk” can become 15-20 minutes or even a shuttle bus ride. It can  be enjoyable , but still – it will take hours in total to go back and forth. Especially if you forgot your sunblock spray and have to go back :D

The best way – check the hotel location in Google Maps.

Departure and arrival time.

Hotels count your vacation by “nights”. So, the “week on Caribbean” means  actually “7 nights on Caribbean”, which means actual 6 days of vacation.

Little tip: if you are arriving early in the morning – your vacation will become 7 days vacation. Same for return flight – if it is late in the evening – you will have 8 full days of vacation. eel the difference? ;)

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Is everything “All inclusive”?

съэкономить на курорте imageNot a big deal, but still… Always ask what is included in “all inclusive tour” and what is extra. For instance, if you plan to have fun at disco – it might be extra for admission and, more important, for drinks.

Not big money, but sometimes it needs to be considered.

Same for mini-bar in your room ;)

VIP options.

And finally, imho, about special offers when you can buy “Golden” or “Diamond” package of the same Cuban or Dominican tour for 80-100 dollars extra. Package may include: separate reception, bottle of rum in the room, bathrobe in the room, 15 minutes of internet and so on.

I think it doesn’t worth it. The bottle of rum costs 3 dollars, internet will be super slow dial-up, separate reception means there will be just one person and the line of waiting might be huge (imagine if all the tourists in your bus will be Golden :D )

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