4 things to remember before you go to Cuba for vacation…

Октябрь 28th, 2011

Чемодан на КубуThis is a translation of my recent post I wrote in Russian.

Well done, vacation is coming, everything is paid and your travel case is packed. Cuba is waiting. Here we will talk about 4 important things to remember before you go to Cuba. This country is special in the line of tourist paradises. This is a communist country, hence my past communist experience might help you.

1) Buy a swim suit.

It might be off the season in your city and you are not able to fine a good swimming suit. Sound like a plan to buy it at the resort, but this is not a good idea for Cuban vacation. It is quite possible that you won’t find any good one in the store on Cuban resort. Even you won’t find at all. Also, the store might work with “communist” schedule, so you will spend your first morning on the Caribbean resort waiting for store to be open. I would recommend to have at least some swim suit with you when you arrive to the resort. Just to be safe.

Бикини на Кубе

2) Buy a snorkeling set.

I love snorkeling and bought my first snorkeling set in Dominican Republic with no issues. It was bright acid green color and cost about $12. But on Cuba I didn’t see any snorkeling set, even when was looking precisely for it. Free advice – bring your own snorkeling set to Cuba.

Маска и ласты на Кубе

3) Duty free shopping.

If you love duty free shopping like I do – make a note. Not all Cuban airports are rich of stuff to buy. Famous Cuban Rom and cigars – yes, you can buy it everywhere. But as about perfume – you might be disappointed. Varadero is pretty crowd, so you are save over there, but smaller airports (like Santa Clara or Holguin) doesn’t have perfumes enough (if have it ever). So you might want to buy scent at the airport in your city when departure.

Кубинский дюти-фри

4) All necessary to go to Cuba.

Overall, if you need some little things that can spoil your vacation if you don’t have them – bring it with you to Cuba. Yes, probably you will be able to buy flip-flops, sun glasses or tooth paste, but no one can guarantee. This is not Bahamas, Mexico or even Dominican Republic – this is Cuba, last bastion of communism in the world. But this is why we love it ;)

Have a great vacation..

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