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Октябрь 25th, 2011

отдых на Карибах

Translating my recent post from Russian here.

Reading reviews and opinions about Caribbean resorts I realized I need to write a post about that. Often I see notes like “Oh I won’t go to this Dominican (Cuban, Mexican etc) resort because people say that food is horrible (room is dirty, noise overnight etc).

Dear friends, for our own sakes, let’s segregate objective and subjective evaluations!!! Otherwise a couple of spoiled kidalts can misinform you because they didn’t get golden utensils but said “Utensils were bad”.

Hence, to avoid people’s subjective opinion, let’s read reviews carefully.  

Proportion of people who is not happy with the resort.

о карибских обзорахDon’t pay attention to proportion of “great/awful”. Writing reviews about Caribbean resorts is absolutely voluntiring, so we cannot see the picture with just a proportion of “good/bad” reviews. If we see 40 reviews and 20 of them are evaluating Caribbean resort negatively – it doesn’t mean that 50% of visitors are unhappy. Not everyone is writing, so 20 people wrote, but unfappy number might be 20 or hundreds, we don’t know. 20 of 200 000 will be 0.01% – reasonable hah? ;) Hence, ignoring percentage.

Subjective opinions about Caribbean Sea Resorts.

We all grew up in different environments. Someone eat less and will be happy with a mango on a 2* resort. Someone eat more and will be unhappy with  a mango on a 5* resort. You know what I mean? Let’s ignore subjective reviews, based on people impression, not facts.

оценить карибский курортExamples:

- Food was plain, flies are everywhere.
– Staff ignored us.
– Bed was hard.
– Pool was dirty.
– Etc…

It is not a real picture of WHAT WAS THAT, but just an evaluation HOW WAS THAT.

Objective opinions about Caribbean Sea Resorts.

отдых на КарибахTry to find reviews that can be expressed by quantity. Quantity can give you a picture of what was that exactly.

- Fridge was not working and they fixed it in 3 days only.

Broken fridge is a fact, not opinion.

- Not enough chairs on the beach.
– We arrived at 3am and bar was closed.
– No hot water.
– Et cetera.

Important: read carefully negative stuff, but also POSITIVE reviews. Remember, that happy people are absolute majority and it is quiet possible that you are going to be one of them.

Be positive!!!

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